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Afreen Bhumgara - Product Manager


Coding -   C/C++, Java, Python, x86 assembly, C#, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SML, Ruby, Perl

Technologies / Environments -  Windows, Win32 API/GUI, Linux, MySQL, OpenGL, ASP.NET

Networking -  protocols, topologies, OSI Model, TCP/IP, LANs, MANs, WANs, devices, data transmission

Misc. -   Machine Learning, Web Scraping, Data Science, Natural Language Processing, Android Development

Product Management    UI/ UX   


LAN-Based Form Submission System (Java, postgreSQL, JDBC, AJAX, JSP)

  • Replaced manual, handwritten assignment submission systems for Nowrosjee Wadia College to a software-based submission system, currently being used by every department

  • Reduced the use of physical handbook & paper wastage by 98%

  • Received highest grade in the CS dept. for the project.

Detection of Network Intrusions using Hybrid Intelligent Systems (Machine learning, Networking, Data mining)

  • Application of machine learning to detect network-intrusions in medium-scale networks.

  • NSL-KDD Dataset is intensively mined using DBMS tools such as MySQL & Heidi SQL, preprocessed and normalized.

  • Achieved highest accuracy rate of 98.7% using classifier J48-Decision Tree.

Implementation of Star topology using 10BASE-T Ethernet (Networking)

  • Implemented star-topology in the System-Lab of Nowrosjee Wadia College by studying effectiveness & efficiency of the network based on delivery, accuracy & timeliness

  • Improved efficiency of network by 17% compared to previous implementation of already-present bus topology

  • Received 2nd position for the "Network Topologies Project Competition"


Text to Image Synthesis in Generative Adversarial Networks (Stack GAN) (Machine learning, GANs)

  • Generated visually-plausible images conditioned on text, and used our entire model as a GAN, rather only using GAN for post-processing

  • Our text to image conversion model outdoes previous models by almost 20%

  • The stack GAN can be used even in high-resolution image generation, while other models experience challenges

Afreen Bhumgara - Product Manager
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